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SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine Hair Shampoo 384ml (Made In USA)


Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl Smoothie 340g (Made In USA)

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SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine Conditioner in the 384ml size is a nourishing conditioner specifically formulated for curly hair. Here’s what you can expect from this product:

  1. Coconut & Hibiscus: This conditioner contains coconut oil and hibiscus flower extract, both renowned for their moisturizing and strengthening properties. Coconut oil deeply hydrates the hair, while hibiscus extract helps to promote hair growth, strengthen strands, and enhance shine.
  2. Curl Enhancing: The formula is tailored to define and enhance natural curls, waves, and coils. It helps to detangle knots, reduce frizz, and improve manageability, leaving your curls looking more defined and vibrant.
  3. Deep Hydration: SheaMoisture conditioners are known for their deep conditioning properties, and the Coconut & Hibiscus variant is no exception. It provides intense hydration to dry, damaged hair, leaving it feeling soft, smooth, and deeply nourished.
  4. Sulfate-Free: This conditioner is sulfate-free, meaning it cleanses the hair gently without stripping away natural oils or causing dryness. It’s suitable for daily use and safe for color-treated hair.
  5. 384ml Size: The 384ml size provides a generous amount of product for regular use, ensuring you have enough conditioner on hand for an extended period.
  6. Usage: After shampooing, apply the Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine Conditioner to wet hair, focusing on the mid-lengths and ends. Leave it on for a few minutes to allow the nourishing ingredients to penetrate the hair shaft, then rinse thoroughly. For best results, use it in conjunction with the SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine Shampoo.

Overall, SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine Conditioner in the 384ml size offers deep hydration and nourishment for curly hair, helping to enhance and define natural curls while leaving the hair soft, smooth, and moisturized.


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